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Interbiu | FLAT SUCKS : 27.09.2017

FLAT SUCKS is scheduled to have a mini tour in Malaysia & Singapura on the coming 28 – 31 October 2017. The band from country known as "Land of the Rising Sun" has put out their new album “Osoru Osoru” few months ago, and will be available here in cassette tape format by Tempang Records. Bangkit! Fanzine has recently arranged a brief conversation with Flat Sucks. Here is the feedback, replied by their vocalist, Kaoru Merda Hayata on 27th September 2017. – Interview by Pyan Nathias

Hello. How’s life in Osaka lately?
Chaos as ever, I saw a cos-play dance team practicing in a local park in the morning. 

Please introduce us the background and line-up of Flat Sucks?
Flat Sucks was formed by students attending to the same university in Kyoto in the Spring of 2010. The band currently consists of Kaoru (Vo), Kaori (Ba), Hiroki (Dr), and a new guitarist Hiroshi who joined them in Summer, 2017. The name of the band “Flat Sucks” means “Being normal sucks”. We recognize ourselves as a “Fantastic Athletic Hardcore Punk Band” because of our eccentric live performances and our variety of different song constructions.

What has the band released so far?
The Nap Time (CDR)
Kikaika-Ningen/MaiPenRai (CDR)
Juanito 4 Guns (Cállate <CL> / Flat Sucks / Venkman <US> / xDeloreanx <IT>) (Cassette, Tobi Records & Ponx Presents) 
Studio Album:
Osoru Osoru (CD, Tani9 Records)

Tell us more about your new album “Osoru Osoru”? Are there any different as compared to the previous one “The Nap Time”?
The first album “The Nap Time” was recorded in the rehearsal studio by ourselves. We really love recording the songs with “raw” sounds as we do in live performance. But we decided to record the new album with the great music engineers in Osaka. This new album, “Osoru Osoru” includes re-recorded songs from “The Nap Time” and brand new songs (#2, #7, #9, #14).

Heard that you’re going to have a mini tour in Malaysia by end of October and have been told that it’ll be your second time here, right? What have you plan and going to expect for this time?
Yes, this is the second time to have a tour in Malaysia. At the first time, we had shows in KL and Johor supported by my man Enol of “Alchemy of Sickness”. Every show had a great success. We really like the underground music scene in SE Asia. People are so nice.
This time, we’ll have a tour with support from Hadi and Kenith of “Tempang Records”, and Hasib of “Azadghei Distro”. And we’ll have shows in KL on 28th, in Batu Pahat on 29th and in Singapore on 31st October. We are so excited to have shows with amazing bands each days. We want to feel local punk culture deeper and deeper. 

Also heard that “Osoru Osoru” will be pressed here on cassette tape by Tempang Records. Say something about it.
Terima kasih, Tempang Records. 
1. The super horrible and beautiful artwork by Kaoru (Vo.)!
2. The music not simply categolized as punk!
3. Listen to Flat Sucks behind the back of your parents!

How would you define the music of Flat Sucks? Where the influences come from?
Well, it’s not so easy to define. Our music is basically hard-core punk, but also new wave in some senses.  You can judge for yourselves!. We are influenced by The Stalin, The Comes, Gauze (JP) and Wire, Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat, Verbal Abuse, and so on. 

What exactly your lyrics all about?
That’s our frustration to shitty world (especially in Japan) and people who place limits on themselves, and BIG love for backpaking at the same time. Mai Pen Rai. 

End up this brief interview with any last words. Thank you & welcome to Malaysia (soon). 
¡El pueblo unido, jamás será vencido!

Remark: As per appeared in Bangkit! #5.5

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