Sabtu, 28 Oktober 2017

Rebiu | FUTURE HATE – Potboiler

FUTURE HATE – Potboiler
Deadlamb Records / Mystery School Records / Jackhammer Music
This is heavy-sounding Punk Rock, delivered impressively by Alabama’s Future Hate. Their new album “Potboiler” CD 2017 contains 10 tracks of energetic punk anthems, strengthened by Hardcore and Thrash elements. What we have here is a bunch of dynamic guitar riffs and solos, outstanding bass lines and stunning strokes on the drums. The songs are well-composed; infused with lots of innovative ideas and ingenious musical arrangements with a superb female vocalist adding more power to the entire band. It’s full of anger, undoubtedly. This record is quite short. The playtime is only about 14 minutes and a half, but the album is so entertaining. Favourite track? No, I couldn’t mention any single song. I loved them all, and at the end, I was left wanting more from this band.

Special Notes: Thank you Dennis Hyland (the guitarist) for introducing us your band. Also thanks to Jackhammer Music for sending this CD faraway from Tokyo, Japan.

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